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Valuable Historical Photos Collection


SantesCome├žamos by 909 American followers of the sect "People's Temple" which promoted a mass suicide in Jonestown, 240 km from the capital Georgetown, Guyana, led by Reverend James Warren "Jim "Jones. The sect preached the detachment from material goods and delivery to the cult of personality of its founder, who said he was God.

 Rio de Janeiro. Corcovado Mountain. Before the construction of Christ the Redeemer.

 Red Baron

 Here a photo of the American outlaws "Billy the Kid."

 Two legends together: Chaplin and Gandhi

 Photo of Che Guevara soon after being killed

 More together two legends: Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee

 The Coca-Cola Through the ages

 Pulitzer Prize-winning photo shows the assassination of the Japanese Communist leader in 1960 by a young nationalist 17 ​​years with a katana!

 Century 20 in Dubai

 Century 21 in Dubai

 Look for this nerd. Sony, Microsoft, music labels and film all the staff hates him with all your strength. Jon Lech Johansen was the guy who broke the code of the DVD, giving "top" piracy. The guy was only 15 when he did, and, being a minor, his parents were prosecuted and acquitted in his place, the justification that "A DVD is more fragile than a book, we needed a backup."

 Report card of the greatest genius who walked the earth: Albert Einstein.
Only weak note! Can that Arnold?

 The world stopped, and his grandmother cried!
The death of Elvis

 Dieter Dengler: He became the only soldier to escape a prison during the Vietnam War.
This one deserves a statue! On June 29, 1966, he and six other prisoners, they decided to escape, taking a pair of arms of the soldiers who were guarding. After three shooting guards, Dengler escaped into a dense forest. He spent 23 days in the jungle, under a scorching heat, under the threat of insects, parasites and awfully hungry before being rescued by an American plane. Only one of the other prisoners, survived the flight. The others were either killed or disappeared in the jungle. Dengler, later became a test driver for success and still has the merit and credit of being the only American soldier to be rescued and the other one came back from the jungle of Laos with life. This may speak: I've been to hell and back!

This picture shocked the world. Made an urgent operation on a fetus, when they opened the womb where he was, he held his hand to the doctor's hand.

  The first picture of the world!

 The Holocaust in Nazi War!

 Some swear that this is the true picture of Hitler killed after his suicide

 This one is not so old. Images of Indians in the Amazon that have never had contact with the white man.

Another story: A white racist KKK (Ku Klux Klan) being helped by doctors and nurses BLACK after being shot!

  If I were black I used to print and put it away and put a frame in my room: Scripture of the Golden Law which abolished the slavery of blacks in Brazil.

Photo of the first fat-maker in the world: Photo of Mc Donald's first store

 photo won prizes at various locations around the world. A vulture waiting for a starving African child. too sad
On November 14, 1960, Ruby Bridges, a girl six years old, was taken to school in New Orleans, USA, by an escort of federal police.
The little girl was heavily insulted and threatened with death by an angry mob. She attended classes alone (the other children were kept home by parents). And back home was apedrejada.Seu crime: Ruby Bridges was black.

Photo of the biggest and best footballer on the planet of all time: Pele
Messi sucks

Another sad scene American prejudice against blacks.
 Queen Elizabeth in their possession
Morte de Albert Einstein
  A legend in the U.S.: The Indian Chief Sitting Toro!
 Rescue of 16 young people in December 1972, 16 survivors of the Andes plane crash of Uruguayan Air Force in 1972 in a remote region of the Andes. 45 people on board were traveling from Montevideo to Santiago in Chile, including a team of rugby players. There were five crew members. The aircraft crashed into the Andes and fell. Sixteen people were killed immediately, and the 29 survivors, 13 were dying over the 72 days they were stranded on the mountain. To survive those who were alive were eating the flesh of the dead. The film "live" it is based there

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